亚洲十大网上博彩手机注册不断发展壮大lourished as one of the best Florida independent schools since its founding in 1965 as a day school for students seeking a superior college-preparatory education. 招收学前班学生, 小学, 初中和高中水平, 今天,十大网上博网手机注册为600多名学前班到12年级的学生提供服务.


  • 643

  • 8th

  • 90%

    of graduates accepted into their college or university of first or second choice
圣爱德华’s students benefit from small class sizes and our superior faculty who are dedicated to involvement and excellence in 教学. Our expectations for student achievement are high, and our students rise to the occasion. 圣爱德华’s students begin college counseling with experienced counselors during their eighth-grade year, and better than 90% of the graduating class is accepted into their college or university of first or second choice. Our SAT scores are well above state and national averages and are the highest achieved on the Treasure Coast. 与十大网上博网手机注册独立的圣公会学校传统保持一致, 圣爱德华's places an emphasis on developing moral and spiritual character and good citizenship.


Our unique location on the Indian River Lagoon waterfront is a safe and beautiful learning environment. 十大网上博网手机注册现代化的校园设施包括每一层的科学实验室, 现代的教室, 运动场地, 水上运动综合体, 音乐和美术工作室, 两个库, an Academic Learning Lab for academic support services and an 800-seat performing arts center.

Our curriculum is designed to foster the development of 21st-century skills: critical thinking, 写作, 阅读, 听, 展示, 科学和定量技能, 领导, 社区服务, 组织和学习能力. 

SES招收任何种族的学生, 宗教, color, 性取向, 民族或民族出身的所有权利, 特权, 项目, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.


圣爱德华’s School is a community and culture that promotes lifelong learning by developing critical thinking, 协作, 为大学和未来做充分的准备. 建立在圣公会传统之上的, 重点是整个孩子, led by a strong faculty who work to help all students reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond. 



  • 倡导是十大网上博网手机注册使命的核心组成部分

    以对孩子的爱为中心, advocacy is an environment of mutually supportive and respectful relationships. 作为一个富有同情心的社区的倡导者, we are purposefully committed to nurturing and championing each other and to bringing out the best in each individual. 这是一种生活方式.
  • 道德勇气和精神成长

    Our students are taught to do what is right, not necessarily what is popular or convenient. It is through their 领导 and passion for education that we have become one of the best Florida schools. 十大网上博网手机注册的学生培养了坚持自己信仰的信心, 用日常生活的情景来审视和表达自己的精神. 由于这种关注, 十大网上博网手机注册相信十大网上博网手机注册的学生获得平衡, 信念, 同情心和正直, 这些特质会让他们在大学里受益匪浅, 事业和成功的生活.
  • 非歧视声明

    亚洲十大网上博彩手机注册不因年龄而歧视学生, 宗教, 性别认同, 性取向, 比赛, color, 身体残疾, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational 项目, 招聘政策, 十大网上博网手机注册政策, 奖学金和贷款项目, 以及其他学校管理的项目.
  • 全部的学生

    As one of the best Florida schools for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, 圣爱德华's nurtures and develops the "whole student" by identifying each student's strengths, and encouraging him or her to pursue their personal interests and intellectual curiosities. 通过丰富课程, 俱乐部和体育, students explore areas outside of the curriculum and learn the development of new skills. We believe that this comprehensive approach helps our children grow into adults with exceptional analytical skills, 准备好平衡生活的需求, 做出明智的决定.
    • 大学男生足球运动员抢断球

    • 艺术系学生在课堂上创作粉彩艺术

    • 服务犬古利亚探访低年级学生


圣爱德华’s School stands as one of the best established and best credentialed Florida independent schools.

Few Florida independent schools can offer the quality and diversity of state, 国家和私立教育证书. It’s for good reason, too -- 100% of students are accepted into four-year colleges.

Our affiliation with national associations affirms our commitment to adhere to best practices regarding governance, 教学, 招生和经济援助. 有资格获得经济援助的家庭将获得大约1美元的奖励.每年七百万美元.
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  • 美国学校图书馆员协会
  • 美国合唱指挥协会
  • 美国外语教学委员会(ACTFL)
  • 卡尼,Sandoe & 的同事
  • 佛罗里达中部圣公会学校协会
  • 患有注意力缺陷/多动症的儿童和成人
  • 印第安河县清洁水联盟
  • 大学委员会
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  • 三米音乐荣誉协会
  • 维罗海滩艺术博物馆
  • 棕榈滩世界事务委员会


珍惜传统,比如精神周, Unity Day and ABC Day give students a 有创意的 outlet to develop memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Even 较低的学校 students participate in their own traditions such as the Christmas Concert, 哪个最可爱, 学校日历上最美妙的夜晚.
    • 爷爷奶奶的一天

    • 同学会

    • 高年级/一年级的好朋友