Unique Learning Opportunities

A strong sense of community, cherished traditions, top-tier teaching faculty, whole child pedagogy, comprehensive college counseling program, and laser focus on academic excellence distinguishes us from other schools.


圣爱德华’s School offers science, 技术, 工程, arts 和数学 programs that thrill and engage young minds through hands-on experiences, experiential learning, and observation of the natural world.

Because children learn most effectively by doing, 学生从学前班开始学习触觉和动觉学习技巧.



  • iPads: Transformative Technology

    亚洲十大网上博彩手机注册低年级学生使用的iPad教育应用程序以不同的方式支持和扩展他们的学习经验. 拼写练习, novel comprehension, 数学练习, 视频制作, robotics programming, 工程设计, communication authoring, 同侪合作和展示学习的新方式只是学生从iPad技术中受益的几个方面.
  • Language: Bilingual Benefits

    研究表明,在早期学习第二语言有明显的认知优势. 学习第二语言的孩子在所有学科领域都表现出更大的语言和认知优势. Early bilingual language learning boosts problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills, in addition to improving memory and concentration. Students at SES begin learning Spanish in Pre-K.
  • Science: Labs and Life Science

    学生在低年级早期就开始学习基本的实验程序,并在学前班开始真正的生命科学实验室体验. 学生在每个年级继续发展他们的实验技能,直到他们在四年级和五年级完成独立的科学实验室. The smallest Pirates learn to dissect owl pellets; older children investigate and analyze our lagoon in-depth, from plankton to mammals.



  • 挑战 Trips: Collaboration Builds Connections

    每个中学年级都参加了一个发展特定的挑战之旅,其中包括团队建设, 个人挑战, communication development and class bonding in a fun, memorable outdoor experience. 每年中学生都期待着新的冒险和另一个与同学建立联系的机会.
  • ME Projects: Personal 成长th Perspective

    八年级学生在每年春天准备和展示ME项目时都会反思他们的中学经历. After a year of self-discovery, they explore how they have grown in four key areas: physically, 在学业上, socially and spiritually. The result is a visual representation presented a summary of their findings to their peers, 老师, 家庭成员.
  • Seven Habits of Highly Successful Teens

    In a course called Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, seventh-grade students learn and practice critical life skills like active listening, 是积极的, 目标设定, 如何划分优先级, the art of compromise, 团队合作, 和自我反省. 最终目标是教会学生如何管理和加强他们的四个关键要素:身体, 大脑, 心, 和灵魂.
  • Research: Cross-Curricular Collaboration

    Research Writing and Technology (RWT) prepares students with the research, 写作, and technical skills needed for Night of the Notables (NOTN), 通过发明人或关键人物的视角,以20世纪的某一事件或发明为重点的高潮历史展示. The students are led through the topic 大脑storming process, then they are instructed on best practices to locate resources in our library. Students learn peer editing techniques, MLA格式, 以及撰写最终研究论文和制作最终多媒体演示所需的技术技能.
  • Science: Discovery and Exploration

    中学科学以低年级开始的技能为基础,跨越学科的广度, beginning with field biology and progressing to chemistry, astronomy and physics. 这个项目的高潮是工程和设计,因为他们学习建造和测试火箭. Science classrooms feature labs filled with flora, 动物, and physics experiments that extend learning to the next level.



  • Advocacy Groups: 支持 and Socialize

    At the beginning of freshmen year, students are assigned an Advocacy group and a faculty advocate who supports, mentors and challenges them over the following four years of high school. Each Advocacy group creates special bonds through planned activities, impromptu discussions, and shared experiences. Advocacy groups participate in friendly competitions throughout the School year.
  • Advanced Placement: College Level Content

    As part of one of the area’s most dedicated college preparatory schools in Florida, 圣爱德华大学的AP课程为优秀的学生提供了在高中学习具有挑战性的大学课程的机会. We offer a wide variety of AP courses to help advance motivated, 成绩优异的学生在大学里进入下一个阶段或使他们获得大学学分. 对AP课程感兴趣的学生需要前老师的推荐才能注册这门课程.
  • Advanced Studies Program: Next Level 学者

    高级研究课程为那些希望在已经具有挑战性的荣誉课程和AP课程中增加独立研究的学生提供了一个严格的课程. This program is designed for highly motivated and intellectually curious students. 学生必须在三年级春季学期正式申请该课程,并根据标准化考试成绩(前10%)进行选择。, GPA (3.5或以上),大学咨询部门的推荐信,以及一篇个人论文. 
  • MUN: International Diplomacy

    模拟联合国是一项课外活动,学生们通常在其中扮演联合国代表和模拟联合国委员会. SES MUN学生在国内外旅行,与来自世界各地的其他学生见面并一起工作.
  • Life Science: Labs in the Lagoon

    The Indian River Lagoon is one of the most diverse estuaries in the world, and it sits at our back door. 美国学生与当地科学家和非营利组织合作,解决泻湖的问题,促进环境管理.
  • Freshman Rafting Trip: Row and 成长

    The freshman class journey to the Georgia mountains to challenge themselves 在学业上, socially and physically on the Chattooga River. 他们参观了当地的大学,在参加历史悠久的夏令营传统的同时,作为一个班级建立了新的联系.